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(THINGS YOU didn't know)

about me:

When I was little I wanted to be Nadia Comaneci.​ I wonder sometimes if she ever wanted to be me. My cartwheels were amazing.
I'm an Award-Winning Filmmaker, and I teach
young filmmakers how to become award-winning 
filmmakers, too!
My mom and I are ambidextrous. (Look, Ma! Both hands.)
I can do this with a serious face...in a cowboy hat:   
Sophomore year of high school, I lost my voice just days before I had to play Ursula in BYE-BYE BIRDIE. Bye-bye, voice. Hello, lipsyncing "Telephone Hour." 
Little Tia.jpg
Apparently, my "resting face" has never changed.
I began undergrad as a Mechanical Engineering major.
My sisters and I have watched THE GOONIES over 70 times.
We know all the differences between the theatrical version and
the TV version.  (What octopus, Mikey??!)

Where's the love?

Written, Produced, and Directed by Tia Dionne Hodge
Where's the Love Cover
Cultures collide and boundaries are blurred when an up-and-coming Black working actress and her colorful family seek counseling from an unconventional, white male therapist.
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By Tia Dionne Hodge-jones

For auditions, acting, exercises, and audience entertainment in a stage review, this books explores the world of young people in insightful, riveting, and off-beat moments that are sure to stretch the young actor and bring his or her acting to a new level.
-The Montclair Times
PLAY. SPEAK. is an instructional guide and collection of 40 challenging monologues for young actors, ages 13 to 18.