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tia dionne hodge

(THINGS YOU didn't know)

about me:

When I was little I wanted to be Nadia Comaneci.​ I wonder sometimes if she ever wanted to be me. My cartwheels were amazing.
I'm an Award-Winning Filmmaker, and I teach
young filmmakers how to become award-winning 
filmmakers, too!
My mom and I are ambidextrous. (Look, Ma! Both hands.)
I can do this with a serious a cowboy hat:   
Sophomore year of high school, I lost my voice just days before I had to play Ursula in BYE-BYE BIRDIE. Bye-bye, voice. Hello, lipsyncing "Telephone Hour." 
Little Tia.jpg
Apparently, my "resting face" has never changed.
I began undergrad as a Mechanical Engineering major.
My sisters and I have watched THE GOONIES over 70 times.
We know all the differences between the theatrical version and
the TV version.  (What octopus, Mikey??!)